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‘End-to-end solutions for business’

With solutions for integrated financials, warehouse management, e-business, customer relationship management, retail/POS, sales force management, business intelligence and service management. Micronet business software can be specifically configured to suit a combination of distribution, service, job costing and/or manufacturing companies.

  • Micronet Accounting Solutions streamline everyday business processes, so you gain an accurate financial picture of your business.
  • Micronet Warehouse Management systems provide real time visibility into all areas of a business’s supply chain.
  • With Micronet’s Customer Relationship Management system boost customer service and loyalty.
  • Open your business to the world and expand your business’s reach with an e-Business solution from Micronet.
  • Increase productivity and efficiencies with Micronet’s Manufacturing Solutions.
  • Improve the mobility of your salesforce with a Mobile Computing Solutions.
  • With Micronet’s Hosted solution you remove the everyday burden of IT and managing the network infrastructure, while saving on energy costs, which you can improve even more with the use of panels from the SolarKraft commercial solar company.
  • Micronet’s Business Intelligence Solutions eliminate the complexity of data analysis and improves business decision making.