08Feb 2019

**Originally posted by HARMONiQ Fail to plan, plan to fail. The idea of what a new ERP system and process automation can deliver for your business is exciting – but before you can experience the benefits, you need to undertake a successful implementation. In our last blog, we talked about how to decide whether an […]

03Jan 2019

**Originally posted by HARMONiQ. The opportunities and benefits of workflow automation Whenever you’re considering a change in business process, it’s important to know why you’re making the change and what you’re getting out of it – especially when it’s going to affect the entire organisation. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are software solutions that automate […]

15Aug 2018

It’s estimated that Australian wholesalers and retailers lose an average of 1.24% of total turnover per year through various forms of inventory shrinkage. That adds up to a huge amount of money — last year alone, it was estimated that a staggering $4.5 billion was lost due to inventory shrinkage in Australia’s retail, warehousing and distribution […]

15Jul 2018

As a distribution or wholesale company, there are probably a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you’re keeping a close eye on. With so many moving parts, you can’t really afford not to. But the best-of-breed companies always seems to do things a little differently, and that includes the wholesale and distribution KPIs they […]

15May 2018

The difference between Reactive vs. Proactive business management I’ve spoken with many business leaders across Australia and NZ who feel held back by their systems and processes, and they’re all familiar with many of the same issues… ‘I didn’t know’ / ‘Out of stock again’ / ‘System won’t let me do that’ / ‘finding new […]

03Apr 2018

Many businesses find that as they grow, their warehousing becomes inefficient and drags behind them. Very few businesses have warehouses optimised for productivity, and continuing to rely on labour-intensive processes results in poor resource utilisation and ineffective inventory management. The consequences of inefficient warehousing are numerous and affect all aspects of an organisation, especially revenue […]

03Mar 2018

A decade of blistering change — technology advances, economic uncertainties and rising customer expectations — has shifted the ground seismically for retail, warehousing and distribution businesses. And there’s only more uncertainty ahead. Probably the greatest threat (or opportunity, depending on where you sit) is the growing inroads made by e-commerce. The arrival of Amazon, in […]

03Feb 2018

In a globalised market that is fiercely competitive, your business needs to outperform its competitors wherever and whenever it can. One huge opportunity for competitive advantage is margin and cost optimisation. Last month, we established the importance of introducing tighter margin and cost controls. (And the risks of not doing it.) The next step: how […]

15Jan 2018

The skill every company wants to master is excellent customer service. Because once you’ve got someone hooked on a great customer experience, they’ll keep coming back for more. However, if they’re disappointed with your service? Most disgruntled customers probably won’t even complain – they’ll just leave. And what may result is an unexplainably dwindling customer […]