19Apr 2017

With the ERP market expanding, ERP vendors must keep up with modern ERP trends to ensure they meet ever-changing consumer needs. So, what should you be looking for in your ERP to ensure it is in line with modern trends? Here are the top 4 ERP trends to look out for in 2017. 1: Top […]

27Feb 2017

For many of us, deciding between Cloud-based software systems or Enterprise software systems is arduous, and while we all attempt to weigh out the benefits, we often hone in on one factor – the cost. We take cost and run with it as if it is the key criteria, instead of considering the whole-of-life cost […]

29Nov 2016

After more than 90 years, October marked the end of Ford’s car manufacturing in Australia. The collapse of car manufacturing in Australia has received extensive coverage – with Holden, Mitsubishi, and Toyota all taking their assembly lines overseas. However, there has been a lack of coverag on the flow on effects that this mass exodus […]

09Nov 2016

a.k.a.: all the other things your staff are busy doing, while they should be driving revenue Many businesses see staff ‘busy-ness’ as an indicator of the health of the business, sometimes without questioning why revenue may be down in the same period. The perception is that, if staff are busy, then there must be plenty […]

28Sep 2016

Most businesses make key business decisions based on their monthly reports, but when these decisions are based on inaccurate financial reporting, things can go horribly wrong. In addition to providing the input when deciding the priorities for the upcoming month, monthly financial reports are also the basis of gauging the health of the business. Therefore, […]

17Aug 2016

Whether it’s your Admin or IT person, more often than not, your systems manager (the person managing your key systems) possesses invaluable, but transferable knowledge and capabilities. Unfortunately though, in most of the business I’ve encountered, haven’t documented key processes or captured the knowledge into a repeatable process, for when the systems manager leaves. What […]

22Jun 2016

As a small to medium business, wrapping up your end of the financial year 2016 can seem daunting and time-consuming. If you struggle with any of the following tasks at the end of financial year (EOFY), you’re not alone: Efficiently and accurately conducting a stock take; Trusting that your sales and margin figures are correct; Identifying […]

18May 2016

As a business owner, you no doubt understand the challenge businesses face to reduce inefficiencies, when trying to ensure productivity. Inefficiencies can creep up on us all, and if not remedied, can cause real heartache and pain to the business. Often businesses will seek to reduce inefficiencies by chasing up their employees, looking for reasons […]

20Apr 2016

Is your business growing too fast? Yes, there is such a thing and here’s how to avoid the pitfalls If there’s one thing every small business owner dreams of – it’s probably rapid business growth. However, owners rarely consider the flipside of rapid growth. What are the risks of business growing too fast? At a […]