Distributors – Wholesalers – Importers

Micronet for Distributors, Wholesalers & Importers

Distributors, wholesalers and importers are continually faced with greater competition, higher customer service expectations, and a challenge to reduce operational expenses while achieving increased returns on their investment.

Micronet Systems understands the unique needs of a distributor, wholesaler and importer by providing the system tools to manage every aspect of their business, from the time an order is placed, procured, until its delivery and shipment. The integrated business software solution streamlines real-time supply chain processes, integrates warehouse operations, while reducing operational costs and improving customer service expectations.

With a dedicated team of specialists, Micronet Systems assists businesses to grow, manage and improve distribution systems throughout all stages of the business lifecycle. Working directly with businesses, Micronet’s specialists closely align and optimise the Micronet software solution to a business’s unique business processes and industry characteristics.