Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) solutions

Monitor and analyse your business’s performance across any area of your company with an array of Business Intelligence solutions offered by Micronet.

Micronet Business Intelligence is a high speed data analysis and reporting toolset specifically designed to complement the Micronet Accounting system. You now have greater flexibility and control over data analysis, which previously was only available through the use of external consulting services or qualified experts.

Data Warehousing is also offered by Micronet and assists customers requiring advanced data analysis, fast reporting and access to the latest data for informed business decision making. Micronet’s Data Warehousing solution meets the requirements of customers who need more than what a traditional data management system offers.

  1. Business Intelligence (BI)

    Micronet Business Intelligence is a high speed data analysis and reporting tool set specifically designed to complement and integrate with your Micronet system using Micronet’s ODBC interface engine. With MBI you now can constantly monitor and analyse your business’s performance across any area of the company. Previously this type of analysis was only available using external consultancy services and powerful OLAP or Data Cube software systems along with suitably qualified experts to assist you.

    Micronet Business Intelligence is built on the QlikView Business Intelligence Software Platform and is developed by QlikTech International; one of the fastest growing ‘BI’ software vendors in the world whose products are used by over 200,000 users worldwide.

    Developed with business users in mind, Micronet Business Intelligence provides you with a simple ‘point and click’ way to get the information you need. Easy to use, Micronet Business Intelligence can be used to view or compare information from within your Micronet data files to show information such as:

    • Sales Analysis
    • Analysis of current sales and purchase orders
    • View by week, year, month, or quarter or any combination of ‘user definable’ periods
    • Compare any previous period to any current or nominated period
    • View by category, class, territory, salesperson, customer, product, etc
    • Track ‘stock days’ for optimisation
    • Provide ‘what-if’ analysis for costs, sales or margin changes
    • Track and manage debtor accounts
  2. Data warehousing

    In today’s competitive world insightful decision making commands a premium. Meeting the demand for data capture, business intelligence, advanced analysis and fast reporting requires more than what a traditional data management system can handle.

    Data warehousing provides a single storage area for data collected throughout a business as well as third-party data. The data is stored in a manner that is best for analysis, while avoiding the slowing down of day-to-day business operations.

    With a data warehouse in place, managers throughout the business can access the data to make informed business decisions. Not only is the data now more complete, it is also more accessible.

    Creating a single storage area for data and integrating data from across the business and beyond gives a business an incredible competitive edge.

    By consolidating data, business managers can now look at how a customer interacts with their stores or outlets and with their products as a whole. Businesses now have analytical tools that ensure customers have the best mix of offers, while achieving their maximum profit potential.

  3. ODBC

    Flexibility and better data analysis are the key benefits of Micronet’s ODBC driver. Micronet’s ODBC driver now makes it possible for you to pull data to external sources such as spreadsheets, SQL databases and interface systems such as Crystal Reports.

    The Micronet Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is an Application Programming Interface (API) for general database access. ODBC enables applications (such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access; Gognos Tools; Crystal Reports; Crystal Analyser; etc) to connect to the Micronet data files/fields directly in a very fast, secure and controlled manner.

    Accessing external database files via ODBC, like your Micronet data, with products like Microsoft Excel and is useful when if have a very large database to work with or you want to share the database with others.situations…

    Micronet ODBC comes complete with comprehensive security control so that each Micronet User ID can be specifically configured to a nominated level of ODBC data access, or totally blocked if you desire.