CRM solution

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System provides you with the tools to improve the way you do business, streamline your sales processes, boost customer service and loyalty, and deliver effective marketing campaigns.

With a Micronet CRM system you can manage your customer and prospect communication, from marketing, sales and customer service, so your business opportunities and customer satisfaction increases.

Micronet CRM is an electronic filing system incorporating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using Lotus Notes. This company-wide information service centralises all documents, forms, employee information and workflow. Access to the data that drives your business other than just financials is accessible from anywhere at any time.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Information is imperative to your business. The ability to capture information, manage it during its lifecycle and share it across your organisation is critical to your success. If you have solutions for contact management, document management, customer-care/service desk and other systems, information does not travel easily between them – each has its own architecture and its own database systems.

    Micronet CRM is a comprehensive, integrated and modular suite of business knowledge management applications designed to improve the way you do business.

    It is defined by three characteristics:

    A unified, pervasive workspace – information is stored in a common central database system so it is available to all stakeholders across all components of the system.

    Frictionless information flow – information is captured in a familiar interface eg Microsoft Outlook, stored in a logical, user-friendly manner and accessed intuitively to ensure smooth workflow with minimal user training.

    Embedded, integrated functionality – both powerful and user-friendly, Micronet CRM has a fully integrated suite of applications built from the ground up to interact seamlessly.