Distribution and Supply Chain

Sales and distribution management solutions for streamlined supply chains

Gain greater visibility of your supply chain processes with Micronet’s distribution management solutions. Streamline the day to day processing of your inventory and sales data and equip your distribution wholesale business with the information needed to operate efficiently and effectively.

Micronet’s distribution management solutions integrates all aspects of supply chain and inventory management, from the time an order is placed, procured, until its shipment and delivery to customers.

Easy to use and designed to offer maximum flexibility, Micronet’s Distribution management solutions address the management of complex pricing structures, backorder management, inventory management, procurement, sales commissions, the management of accounts receivable and customer service.

Forming the nucleus of the Micronet Advantage Suite, it covers all your business’s day to day processing requirements and provides you with a strategic competitive edge.

  1. Back order management

    Streamline your business processes and dramatically improve your ability to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the status of individual customer orders. Micronet’s Back Ordering system integrates automatically with the sales, purchasing and debtors system of  Micronet’s distribution management solutions.

    • Multiple backorders can be allocated to one or multiple invoices
    • Items are automatically priced for you as per your customer’s pricing matrices. Special and nett prices can also be applied
    • Forward orders can be entered
    • Individual customers can be ‘flagged’ not to have backorders created at anytime
    • Items can be entered onto a backorder more than once with different delivery dates, quantities and prices
    • Stock Pre-allocations & Central Fulfilment – Many businesses need to centrally fill customer orders, whereby the branches take the orders, decide where the stock is going to come from and then ensure that the products for their customers will be pre-allocated properly and delivered to their customers seamlessly

    With Micronet’s Back Order Management system you have the facility to process Inter-Branch transfers, nominate which supplier you want items from and then process as a backorder. Items linked to an existing supplier purchase order can be pre-allocated, so when the stock is received into the warehouse, office staff know that the items are pre-allocated against a specific customer order.

  2. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

    Monitor and analyse your business’s performance across any area of your company with an array of Business Intelligence solutions offered by Micronet.

    Micronet Business Intelligence is a high speed data analysis and reporting toolset specifically designed to complement the Micronet Accounting system. You now have greater flexibility and control over data analysis, which previously was only available through the use of external consulting services or qualified experts.

    Data Warehousing is also offered by Micronet and assists customers requiring advanced data analysis, fast reporting and access to the latest data for informed business decision making. Micronet’s Data Warehousing solution meets the requirements of customers who need more than what a traditional data management system offers.

    For more information on Micronet’s Business Intelligence solutions

  3. Inventory management systems

    Micronet’s distribution management solutions are one of the most flexible and powerful distribution systems available today. The inventory management module in Micronet handles the most complex inventory processes and allow you to easily manage inventory levels, purchasing and pricing and stocktakes.

    • Inventory can be held in multiple warehouses at optimum levels to maximise customer service.
    • “Transfer Locations” can also be created so that items transferred from one location to another are “held” until receipted into the remote location.
    • Each inventory item has the facility to be assigned alternate items, suppliers and supplier parts (which may be EDI specific), or can be identified by a range of specific customer part numbers.
    • Any item can be found using its main number, the suppliers number, its barcode number, category or its description.
    • Inventory can be divided into strategic categories and classes to facilitate customer discount matrices, for ease of control and reporting.
    • Special categories can be established for non-inventory, irregular stock items, manufactured items or temporary parts.
    • The cost price of an item can be kept as full average, fixed cost, last in cost (stock is revalued at the last received cost) or first in first out (FIFO).
    • Inventory serial number and batch lot tracking is supported with Micronet’s distribution management solutions.
    • Standard reports are provided to track safety stock levels, items overstocked or those that need to be replenished based on sales averages and lead times.
  4. Kitting

    Improve the management of kitting and streamline its processes by integrating the Micronet Kitting System (MKS) with your sales, inventory and financial systems. Ideally suited for distributors, assemble-to-order industries and light manufacturing.

    Kitting features

    • Kitting sales
    • Automatic kitting
    • Trial kitting assembly
    • Multi-level kitting
    • Works Orders

    Micronet Kitting offers maximum flexibility, so that the processing of kits can be manual or fully automatic in operation.

    You can set up your own bill of materials, as well as maintain up-to-date pricing for both raw materials and finished items with its full maintenance facility.

  5. Purchase Order (PO) management

    Purchase Order Management is a powerful function of the supply chain processes within Micronet’s distribution management solutions. It provides you with the facility to assist in inventory planning and cost control.

    • Create, maintain and track the progress of purchase orders and then reconcile the delivery dockets against supplier invoices, before updating to Micronet’s Creditor Ledger.
    • You have the facility to nominate alternative items, alternative suppliers and their part numbers/pricing during the order process. Once an order has been raised you have the option to display or print reports detailing pricing, quantities, expected delivery dates and current delivery status until it is received.
    • Purchase orders can be created manually or automatically from current stock information and against backorders entered in the system for specific customers.
    • ‘Private’ text can be assigned to purchase order lines for future reference in inquiries and reports.
    • A range of reports are provided to assist in the maintenance of effective stock levels. Safety stock reports can be produced showing items that have fallen below nominated minimum stock levels. The “Dead Stock” report identifies items that have not moved since a nominated date.
    • Goods can be received without the creation of a purchase order.The Purchase History files stores all the necessary details. These include the price, supplier, quantity, etc. The Micronet Distribution system will automatically check if any supplier quantity buy breaks apply, or whether you have supplier purchase contracts with any additional nett, $ or % discounts applicable.
    • Import Costing – A comprehensive import costing system (with multi-currency) allows you to receive overseas shipments in batches where the duty, freight and landing costs will be appropriated across all the items from the same shipment.
  6. Sales order management

    Streamline order fulfillment processes; gain effective tracking of sales orders in your system and provide outstanding customer service. Micronet’s Sales Order Management system offers maximum flexibility for sales order fulfillment.

    • Customer/Inventory Pricing – enables even the most complex customer pricing structures to be established, automating the pricing of invoices, as well as being transparent to the operator.
    • An array of flexible pricing options are available: Standard Price Structure, Discount Matrix, Customer default buying price, Quantity Breaks, Mark-ups, Split Pack Sales, Notional Pricing, Levies and rebates.
    • Online Invoicing/Order Entry – designed for the busy sales office, this system is easy to use and offers maximum flexibility.
    • Direct invoices – process customer orders quickly and accurately.
    • Flexibility – a customer’s order, once entered, can be printed as a quote; printed as a slip for picking in either item, bin location or category order; can be printed and processed as an invoice or Held (or parked) for processing later; or Held in ‘suspense’ until the account is within trading terms.
    • You have the facility to display alternative items for items that are in short supply, or optionally create a back order for the customer.
    • Order Entry – orders can be accepted as one shipment for immediate delivery or for several shipments with a range of drop down dates.
    • Lost sales – you have the ability to track any ‘lost sale’ details for pricing or alternative stocking ‘mix’ analysis.
    • Standing orders – you may store customer, item, delivery, freight and pricing details for the automatic production of standing orders.
    • Unit recognition – special sales where conversions or calculations need to be performed, as is in the case of timber yards (lineal metre ‘stick’ measurement entry), glass merchants (square metre dimension entry), tile distributors (sell in square metres but ship by the box) and many others are easily accommodated with the Micronet Unit Recognition table.
  7. Warehouse management systems

    Streamline business processes and improve your supply chain with the Micronet Warehouse Management system. Inventory is handled more accurately, operational costs are reduced, decision making is improved and real time visibility into inventory management is now easily available.

    Micronet’s Warehouse Management software comprises of the following tools for the effective management of single or multiple warehouses.

    Incorporating efficient paperless picking & packing, automated receiving & receipting, warehousing automation, mobile stocktaking, integrated bar-coding, EDI interfacing, bin management, warehouse scheduling and bench scanning.

    Micronet customers are provided with a tailored solution that best suit their needs.

    The Micronet Warehouse Management software fully integrates to the suite of Micronet’s distribution management solutions and Business Accounting software modules.

    For more information on Micronet’s Warehouse Management solutions