Micronet Hosted (SaaS)

SaaS hosted solution

Achieve fast, secure, dependable connectivity with the Micronet’s SaaS hosted solution.

Established over ten years ago, Micronet’s software hosting service provides small to medium sized businesses with a world class IT infrastructure for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase IT hardware and software.

The need to implement a network infrastructure and maintain upgrades for these complex systems is removed with Micronet’s SaaS hosted business software solution.

  1. Centralised maintenance

    Centralised maintenance streamlines business processes and provides greater flexibility for entities within an organisation.

    Improve supply chain efficiencies with real time data over single and multiple companies. Reduce stockholdings and increase visibility into the inventory of all companies, branches and distribution centres. Automate intercompany order fulfillment, source inventory across all locations with transfers between companies and branches.

    Gain a better understanding of alternative supplier strengths and weaknesses at a branch or company level. Improve external supplier negotiations with greater transparency on consolidating purchasing power. Centrally manage and roll out supplier price files and improve supplier chain efficiencies with EDI.

    Uniform data sharing with the global replication of main master files across the organisation. Master files remain consistent and are easily managed across the group of companies. Replicated master files include;

    • Customer
    • Supplier
    • Inventory
    • Special pricing
    • General ledger chart of accounts

    Sell and cost prices are maintained by head office and new items or categories can also be globally added and maintained by head office. When new companies and branches are added to the organisation, master files are easily added and updated to the new branch or company.

    Increase marketing efficiencies through the finer control of promotions and customer contact. Marketing promotions for selected items and pricing are set up and maintained by head office and then electronically submitted to all branches or companies.

    Improve reconciliation processes with accurate, real time and consolidated reporting across the organisation. There is no manual end of month data manipulation, so monthly profit loss / balance sheets can be printed locally and for all stores within days of end of month. Manage categories and profitability reporting in real time.

    Secure audit controls reduce inconsistencies between companies and branches.

  2. Data warehousing

    In today’s competitive world insightful decision making commands a premium. Meeting the demand for data capture, business intelligence, advanced analysis and fast reporting requires more than what a traditional data management system can handle.

    Data warehousing provides a single storage area for data collected throughout a business as well as third-party data. The data is stored in a manner that is best for analysis, while avoiding the slowing down of day-to-day business operations.

    With a data warehouse in place, managers throughout the business can access the data to make informed business decisions. Not only is the data now more complete, it is also more accessible.

    Creating a single storage area for data and integrating data from across the business and beyond gives a business an incredible competitive edge.

    By consolidating data, business managers can now look at how a customer interacts with their stores or outlets and with their products as a whole. Businesses now have analytical tools that ensure customers have the best mix of offers, while achieving their maximum profit potential.

  3. Intercompany e-Trading

    e-Trading minimises the manual work effort across companies by automating intercompany processes. Duplicate data entry and data entry errors are eliminated with automated processes. Transactions are streamlined and duplicate administration tasks are removed, saving time and costs across the organisation.

    Franchise / Buying Group ICT features

    e-Trading electronically transmits purchases orders from the branches to the head office. Head office then creates backorders and picking slips for the distribution centre. At a branch level stock is receipted electronically. Head office then sends invoices electronically to the retail branches or franchise stores.

    Internally trade between branches or distribution centres by automating business processes and gain greater control between the head office and branches.

    Minimise errors and reduce the workload in your organisation.
    Improve cross-store reporting through greater flexibility and consistency in reporting.

  4. ‘Go Green’ and save money with Micronet’s SaaS hosted solution

    The Micronet Hosted solution provides businesses with an energy saving alternative to traditional business software solutions. Fast, secure, dependable connectivity that is eco-friendly, energy efficient and in a fully hosted Software as a Service environment.

    Not only does it remove the everyday of burden of IT, it significantly reduces operating costs, provides an integrated business system, improves productivity and streamlines business processes.

    Businesses today are realising the many benefits provided with green technology and are moving forward to adopt them.

    Key benefits

    • Eliminate the need to purchase expensive, power hungry server equipment or pay for annual software license renewals.
    • Greatly reduce on a premise’s energy costs and consumption. The additional power and cooling costs to keep a server room running are removed with the Micronet Hosted solution.
    • Reduce a business’s carbon footprint<
    • Remove the need for supporting a network infrastructure and the additional costs of implementation, maintenances and upgrades.
    • An environmentally friendly alternative

    By understanding the many challenges faced by businesses, Micronet has succeeded in developing an environmentally friendly methodology to reduce the complexity of IT for companies, so they can focus on their business.

  5. Intercompany trading

    Growing organisations that manage more than one business are continually confronted with the challenge of sharing data over their group of companies. As a business grows with additional branches and companies it is vital to have strong business controls and standardised processes to achieve business objectives.

    The Micronet’s Intercompany Trading (ICT) solution seamlessly integrates operations between companies and branches for better visibility over the group.

    Intercompany Trading benefits for your organisation

    • Boost productivity
    • Efficient operations
    • Improved workload efficiencies
    • Uniformed Data Sharing
    • Gain better visibility over the group
    • Automates and streamlines business processes

    Whether a group of companies, a head office with multiple branches, a franchise group or buying group, Micronet ICT simplifies the accounting and supply chain management processes across the organisation. Information is electronically transferred between entities streamlining every day business processes

  6. Hosted / SaaS solution

    Micronet Systems established its Software as a Service (SaaS) model over 10 years ago and was one of the first companies in Australia to offer software hosting.

    Today, hundreds of companies use the Micronet Hosted solution world-wide. Micronet Systems hosts it turn-key business software solution in a state-of-the-art data centre, removing much of the IT complexity for businesses.

    Micronet System manages a customer’s network and server infrastructure as well as their software and data. Each hosted customer has a secure connection to our centralised computer facility with access to our state of the art servers, backups, network and fully qualified engineers; providing a single integrated solution.

    The Micronet SaaS solution is suitable for multi branch operations, buying groups, franchise groups or single sites looking to streamline IT costs. Micronet’s SaaS delivers exactly the solution a business needs, when they need it.