Warehouse Management Solutions

Real-time warehouse management solutions for accuracy and efficiency

Streamline business processes and improve your supply chain with the Micronet’s Warehouse Management solutions. Inventory is handled more accurately, operational costs are reduced, decision making is improved and real time visibility into inventory management is now easily available.

Micronet’s Warehouse Management solutions comprise of the following tools for the effective management of single or multiple warehouses.

Incorporating efficient paperless picking & packing, automated receiving & receipting, warehousing automation, mobile stocktaking, integrated bar-coding, EDI interfacing, bin management, warehouse scheduling and bench scanning.

Micronet customers are provided with a tailored solution that best suit their needs.

Micronet’s Warehouse Management solutions fully integrates to the suite of Micronet Distribution and Business Accounting software modules.

  1. Automated receiving, warehousing and transfers

    Automate your inventory receipts and put away processes with Micronet’s Mobile solution. Fully integrated with Micronet’s Purchase Order Management system, Micronet’s Mobile applications eliminate receiving errors by matching the receipt of goods though barcodes with the original purchase order details and reports any variance.

    Micronet’s automated receiving and warehousing system involves tracking stock from a supplier order into the warehouse, in the right location, for the most cost effective and efficient manner. By creating an optimised order-picking environment for warehouse staff, customer order fulfillment is now accurate and timely.

    Inventory efficiencies in the warehouse are greatly improved with faster and more accurate stock movement from the receiving dock to your warehouse.

    Micronet’s automated receiving and warehousing ensures that a company maintains a highly effective receiving environment, lowering human error whilst allocating greater control to warehouse management staff.

  2. Bench scanning
    Improve stock accuracy and visibility with Micronet’s Bench Scanning system. Warehouse operations become more flexible, operating costs lower and the time frame between orders to delivery reduced, overall improving customer satisfaction.

    Warehouse Management & Distribution systems | Bench Scanning with MicronetIf you need to print individual box contents, require the ability to easily double check all orders before they are packed and shipped, or need to record the individual contents of each box shipped or record box dimensions and weight for each box shipped, then the Micronet Bench Scan system provides all of this.

    General features

    • Discrepancies in between what is showing on an order and what is picked are greatly reduced leading to increased efficiencies in the dispatching of goods from your warehouse.
    • Box contents are easily printed so the courier and warehouse know what goods are being shipped in the box or boxes. Time and effort in shipping is greatly reduced.
    • Box dimensions are easily recorded for freight purposes, again reducing the time and effort when dispatching goods.
    • Items are compared against what was scanned and what was picked with a traffic light system.

    Comparing items

    Items are compared against what was scanned and what was picked. This feature uses a traffic light system whereby:

    • Red indicates items were picking but not scan checked.
    • Orange indicates discrepancies between value picking and scan checked.
    • Green indicates an exact match.
  3. Bin management
    Improve efficiencies in your warehouse by organising bins to track the exact location of where stock is located. The use of bin management streamlines your stock replenishment processes. Orders can then be picked and fulfilled faster, items can be stored in multiple or single bins optimising space in your warehouse.
    Multiple Bin Locations
    Gain more efficient processes when dispatching of goods from the warehouse to customers with multiple bin locations. By organising your warehouse with the use of bins, you can now track the exact location of items currently in stock. Your warehouse staff can pick and fulfil orders faster as they know exactly where to find the items they need. An item can be stored in multiple bins or different items in the one bin. A Put away list helps streamline the restocking process when goods are received but still in the loading dock.With Micronet’s Multiple Bin Locations inventory visibility is greatly improved as a manager can track a product’s movement, quantity and location.Put Away
    Streamline and have better control over the management of your warehouse with Micronet’s Put Away system. Costs can be greatly reduced while significantly improving the visibility into your inventory. The Put Away system provides a fast and efficient way to enquire on stock and locations. This system replaces the need of warehouse knowledge required by seasonal staff and seasonal stock. With the use of the Micronet Put Away system, warehouse staff can quickly become efficient in the stock replenishment area.
  4. EDI interface

    Efficiently integrate Micronet with the common EDI and scan packing solutions required by the major supply chain companies. Duplication of data entry is removed, keying errors are eliminated and document processing becomes faster.

    Gain a competitive edge over your competitors with Micronet’s EDI interfacing solution s as your costs are now lower and you are more efficient in your warehouse and distribution processes.

  5. Integrated barcoding

    Micronet’s Warehouse Management solutions provide a sophisticated platform for integrating bar-coding efficiencies into any warehouse. Bar-coding devices provide a great improvement in speed while reducing the amount of errors in the identification of items.

    With the Micronet solution you have a sophisticated platform for integrating barcoding efficiencies into any warehouse. This includes picking, packing, shelf and bin ticketing, scan packing, and more. Barcodes can be printed on the fly or within the solution ensuring that all products located in the warehouse are coded appropriately.

  6. Mobile stocktaking

    Mobile Stocktaking is an efficient and accurate process for managing stocktakes. Errors and costs in a mobile stocktake are greatly reduced while speed and flexibility are significantly improved. Stock inaccuracies are quickly identified and resolved.

    Greater flexibility can be achieved with scheduled and rotating stocktakes, when stocktake batches are loaded into the RF devices. Alternatively, items or locations can simply be scanned on the fly and then compared to the inventory management system when complete. Both solutions provide an efficient and accurate method of identifying discrepancies.

  7. Paperless picking & packing

    Micronet has developed sophisticated paperless picking systems that enable picking slips to be uploaded automatically to handheld barcode scanning devices for easy and accurate processing.

    The amount of errors in the picking and packing processes are reduced, paperwork is eliminated with an electronic information workflow, and there is greater control over your stock replenishment processes.

    Picking slips can be automatically scheduled to match courier run times for the effective dispatch of orders. By enabling staff to use RF enabled handheld devices, every warehouse order can be monitored and rescheduled or promoted as required.

    Micronet’s software will direct your staff to the right bin location to fulfill orders in the most efficient manner. The result is improved customer satisfaction as orders are shipped on time and as ordered.

    Picking speed and accuracy is greatly improved ensuring far more accurate stock figures. Staff efficiency and picking times can be monitored for ongoing improvement.

  8. Warehouse scheduler

    Gain greater control of inventory movement in your warehouse with Micronet’s warehouse scheduler.

    Micronet’s warehouse scheduler is the central hub for controlling, changing and inquiring on the status and progression of warehouse transactions through the paperless process.

    • Easily view and sort the status of orders, transfers, good receipts, stocktakes and import costing in Micronet’s Warehouse Management solutions.
    • Real time visibility of inventory movements allows for improved decision making. Warehouse management now have the tools to make informed decisions that will provide optimal picking processes.
    • From the central console, view how many orders are in warehouse queue, change the priority levels based on courier run times, or decide if more pickers are required in the warehouse for picking.
    • Streamlined picking processes allow for faster and more flexible inventory movement.
    • Reduce errors in the order fulfillment process with Micronet’s warehouse scheduling PDA option and improve customer satisfaction levels
    • Flexible and tailored Picking reports that have the detailed information required for your warehouse requirements.
    • The Micronet Warehouse Scheduler provides the facility to drill down on a specific transaction that is in the queue. Detail information is available on transfers, orders, slips, good receipts, import costs or stocktakes.

    This product is ideally suited for industries which cater in bulk goods eg furniture. It can be used in a stand-a-lone or PDA environment.