Micronet for Retailers

Retailers face many challenges with complex inventory and transaction flows, fierce competition, and high customer service expectations. The need to optimise inventory management and in-stock positions, while reducing labour and operational costs and improve customer service levels necessitates an advanced integrated business software solution for retailers.

Micronet’s Retail software solution is tailored to handle the complex business of retail from Point of Sale to the back office through to the warehouse and head office. This integrated business software solution provides a retailer with an insight into product, department and store performance and the ability for quick response to customer trends. With detailed real-time data analysis a retailer gains improved decision making on product pricing management and customer service levels are improved with Micronet’s flexibility to handle complex retail customer offers.

Micronet’s dedicated team of specialists assists retailers to grow, manage and improve retail systems throughout all stages of the business lifecycle. Working directly with retailing businesses, Micronet’s specialists closely align and optimise the retail solution to a business’s unique business processes and industry characteristics.